WordPress Customization

We can help you with:

  • WordPress Installation.
  • Installation of Themeforest theme.
  • Setup content like the documentation provided with the theme.
  • WordPress Migration / Change Domain / Website Transfer / Cloning.
  • Installation of plugins provided with the theme (some plugins may require license).
  • Very fast response time.
  • Very reliable and very responsible service.
  • and many more...

*Please note that Timeframe depends on the availability of our resources. Make sure you send us the fully briefed enquiry first, before you order the service. In that way we can estimate the amount of work and send you the potential custom job.

Briefing Details:

  • A brief including description of needs, goals, ideas. Please describe in details what you need in plain English. Be as descriptive as possible. More details You provide, better solution you can get.
  • For live theme customization on your server, we will need WordPress login credentials, FTP access and cPanel (hosting) access.
  • Database access (or PHPmyadmin or cPanel access).
  • Delivery time-frame.

Kindly provide the necessary details as much as possible to help speeding up the development process.

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