License agreement

In case the LEVELUP theme is purchased through the TeamForest, 2 licensing options are available: Regular, Extended. Billing procedures, terms, and conditions are under the responsibility of Evanto (ThemeForest owner corp.), so we are unable to handle those aspects. To get more information, please continue reading below.

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1. Is my license good only for 1 site?

Yes. Please note, 1 license can be used for 1 finished site only, if you would like to have the theme on the 2nd site, please get the 2nd license.

2. Is it possible to use my LEVELUP theme on the test site first, but then transfer it to a live one?

Yes. You are able to use the theme on the test website and move it to the live one when it’s all set up to go.

3. Can I use the theme on the test and live sites simultaneously within 1 Regular License purchased?

Unfortunately, according to terms & conditions of Envato, this is prohibited. The second license should be obtained in order to keep the theme on both websites.