Information about WP

If you would like to get this theme on your site, please make sure you have the latest version of WordPress installed. Should you have any questions or problems with the installation, please feel free to use instructions in WordPress Codex or check out the Instructional Video created by Woo Themes. You may also check for additional info below.

LEVELUP Theme Requirements

Please check if these requirements are met. WordPress 3.1 or higher, PHP 5.4 or higher, MySQL 5 or higher. The theme was tested on OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Here is the list of recommendations to follow:

  • Please check if your host fits all requirements to have WordPress installed.
  • Please check if you are using the latest available version of WordPress.
  • The latest release of WordPress can be downloaded from official WordPress website.
  • Make sure you are using the complicated passwords for FTP and Database.

Recommended PHP Configuration Limits

Blank screen, importing fails of demo content, empty page content with Page Builder etc. may be the reason of low PHP configuration limits. To troubleshoot this issue, please increase the PHP limits. To do this,change the settings manually(if available), or contact your web host and ask them to set up those limits to a minimum as follows:

  • max_execution_time 180
  • memory_limit 128M
  • post_max_size 32M
  • upload_max_filesize 32M
  • max_input_vars 5000 (If the large number of menu items is used)

Recommended PHP Configuration Limits For "Main" Demo

  • max_execution_time 3600
  • memory_limit 256M

Recommended Hosting Companies